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The ANKOK COMPANY is a global procurement and manufacture company with its headquarters in Suzhou, China. ANKOK has more than 200 business partners worldwide at more than 18 locations. ANKOK produces and sells technically complex components for the EDM industry and many other fields. A key area is high quality filtration products for EDM machines. The OEM business with global market leaders and producers of EDM machines defines the quality and performance of the products. Filters for the international aftermarket are sold under a variety of international brands as well as under the ANKOK-FILTER brand.

ANKOK-FILTER, high performance and cost effective!

ANKOK is a development partner and series supplier to leading manufacturers of EDM machines. Our expertise ensures that products are perfectly matched to the respective application. This means our filters achieve the required filtration result and process reliability independent of whether the filtration is for the dielectric fluid in a wire EDM or cavity sinking EDM machine. Therefore you are on the safe side with EDM filters from ANKOK.

In contrast to competitors’ products the EDM filters in metal stand for:

  • Proven ANKOK-FILTER quality
  • Maximum filtration performance with 3-5 micron
  • Long service life
  • Great pressure stability
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